Night Club & Bar Owners

Are you the owner of a night club and would like to do something about increasing the name of your establishment? Would you like to increase your attendance in your establishment? Sounds great but as an owner of any bar or night club especially a new owner you are aware of the cost factor. CD Disc Jockeys has a large following on facebook and email blasts that we send out every week as well as frequent our web site checking our schedules to see where we are playing. When you hire us you immediately have web presence and we list you in our "Club Schedule" tab.

We have KVDJ wich nobody has, which is the newest and hottest thing. It is Karaoke (KJ), Video (VJ) and Disc Jockey (DJ) all rolled into one. We have been doing it for years and it works! We get new music, music video and karaoke every month and we have over 11,000 songs in our karaoke library which is that largest "LEGAL" library in the area. We play karaoke and we can play HD music video right behand it to make it look like a karaoke music vide instead of the same old boring black or blue screen or even static generic background screen you see everywhere else. We use state of the art equipment like wireless mics and LED lighting technology that will not rock and sock your electric bill.

Our past customers include Moose's LZ in Ft.Indiantown Gap, The Buck Hotel and Tavern in Jonestown, PA, JT Crockenberrys (Joe's Brew House) Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg, PA, The Attic Lounge , Quality Inn Lebanon to just name a few. We have been voted the best DJ service in central Pennsylvania in 2007 by a top national magazine. 

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